jumper hacker as in connect /disconnect

it was on infiltration started at 9:20 2 guys possibly more hacked pics here
names green and blue
i think there the same person

Green and Blue aren’t actual players, the infiltration gamemode is just broken.
PS, use the topic called “Report glitchers, griefers and hackers here” next time :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not broken at all!

The method of “capturing” the intel is really weird in infiltration, since only greens truly capture anything. (Blues just have to stall)
To get around this, pseudo-players “Blue” and “Green” are designated to “capture the intel”. They’re not real players, just programs, so to speak.
Since you don’t normally need these players around, they only come on to capture the intel, and leave immediately after.

It’s also why infiltration is capped at 31 players, not 32. They need that player, named blue or green, to cap the intel to give points to teams.