Jagex announces Commando Class

Well, this class actually not that bad in my opinion. The “Baddass Gunner” is a little overpowered. Here’s the video:

“Ace of Spades” “Only Better”? WTF Damn you jagex I fucking hate their asses so fucking hard!

Man calm down lol

Screw this game, Aloha and BnS For Ever!!!

Yea hooray

Screw this game?
So, screw AoS?
IIRC, BnS is AoS too, so screw BnS as well?
Makes sense.


What’s that thing in his mouth? A cigarette?

No, it looks like a baby carrot to me. :\

I think its supposed to be a cigar not a ciggerrette

I think Jagex was going for the “Mature macho manly” appeal there, and failed miserably on all fronts.
F*ck you Jagex.


The Miner’s shotgun is overpowered too and the rocket-steers jet pack is ruined. :-\