Issues with our AOS server host

Hello everyone!

We are currently experiencing performance issues with both of our game server hosts, which is the reason you may have been experiencing lag, disconnects, and other unpleasant technical issues on our AoS servers recently. Our @staff-sysadmin team is working to resolve these issues once and for all, as we strongly feel that smooth gameplay is of ultimate importance.

For starters, we will be pulling the plug on our current host for the uswest location, as it has been proven time after time to be unstable at the host level. (As in, the problems appear to be beyond our control.)

Second, although the issues aren’t nearly as “bad” at our useast host’s location, it’s certainly not up to our par for what we consider a smooth in-game experience. As such, we will be migrating our current useast location from Vultr to Bloom Host, as decided in the poll in this topic. This should be finalized within the coming weeks, likely sooner.

Later on, if Bloom Host proves to be stable, we may open a uswest location with them as well. (Got first-hand recommendations for stable, affordable dedicated or VPS servers on the US west coast? Please do recommend!)

We are sorry about these inconveniences. Rest assured we are as eager as you are to get this all resolved in a timely manner. More information is to be announced.

Thank you for your continuous support of our community. :heart:

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