Island Babel

I’ve altered the island map so that players no longer spawn in water. I pretty much just rotated the whole map about 40 degrees. Also added a couple more docks.


Seems good. But I think the ship is too close to the land. I’ll download it and give it a little test-run later.

My concern was fog range. You can only see 2 grid squares out and I wanted it to be close enough that you could fog line shoot people along the center axis.

I suppose I could clip the island.

Admittedly, I’m not all that familiar with technical stuff like fog range and such, but I’m all for a redesign of the Island map where players don’t spawn in water, haha.

Aren’t the tents on the current Island map in the water, too?
Would be a welcome change to have all that stuff on land, I think.

I’m pretty sure players won’t spawn in water anymore. I don’t know the exact spawn range offhand.

The tents are definately (hi Spring) on land.

just fyi BR replaced the original island with this on both of our babel servers

I sorta feel that the ship is too close to land and that will alter the gameplay considering how that’s a position for sniping enemies.

Again, I couldn’t put it out much further without it allowing fog line headshots along the center of the map.

It’s only a rotation of the map, with an approximation of where the objects where (which were not rotated). If I was gonna change it, it’d be an island-themed map instead.

cool no water spawn :smiley:

It needs more drinks with those little umbrellas.