Is this allowed?

Is building the swastika allowed on servers? I keep seeing people building them and I really hate it.

I’d say no. If I saw anyone making one I’d temporarily take away their building rights and warn them. It’s basically the same as building penises. Try a votekick, or tell us with /admin or on IRC.

Players aren’t allowed to build penises?

Personally, I don’t care what a player builds, as long as it isn’t racial or for the purpose of griefing.

Uhhhhhh sounds like a stupid question but what is a swastika?

It is the sign that represent the German Nazis.

So, uh… Casa De La Penis? D:

Not necessarcily. The swastika meant good luck and peace. Then, the Nazi’s turned one sideways, and the swastika became hated. But in Asia, the Swastika is still a good luck sign. They even paint it on cars so that they don’t crash.

Yes, I am aware of that. The definition that I have given is pertaining to the negative part, which may cause it to be offending and against the rules.

Its pixel art, and pixel art is allowed, but not something that has to be preserved or protected.

Even though that fact is true I’m pretty sure 99,9999999999999999% of the swastika-builders on ace of spades did not build it as being a buddhist/hindu symbol. I always have to cry a little if this is brought up as a justification of why building the symbol should be allowed.

Apart from that I don’t think it should be in the black book of things thou shall not build. There are tons of WWII-games out there with the swastika or other potentially offensive symbolism included and has found its place as part of the roleplay. I don’t think we should be completely paranoid about it and just leave it be. Pixelart in ace of spades is temporary anyway and as SnIpEr said I wouldn’t protect it either if it became the victim of a griefer. That being said, if it would take extreme forms, or someone would truly be offended by it I would take action, but that goes for anything and not specifically swastika’s alone.

I get rid of swastikas and obviously pornographic imagery if I see them lying around and nobody tending to them. I don’t take action against people griefing swastikas as long as the original builder isn’t around.

Well, I think this should be forbidden. As a german I have to say that we are not proud about that what happend here. If you say its “just art” you won’t really respect it. Graffiti is a kind of art too, but it is forbidden too. Another example is streetart. If you paint a normal tree on the street of a big city- nobody will care. If you painted a swastika on the street… I think you can imagine what would happen. The 2nd world-war happend because of germany/nazis, so why should it be allowed to remember on this war? (I dont like guys who call themselves hitler etc too)
I understand you when you say “I dont care about that”, its ok- but you should respect the others who dont like it and who feel attacked (e.g. me). Added to that, tha team would not like it if somebody wrote “aloha is shit” or something in this way with blocks. You would feeld attacked too. Its the same with the swastika.

To conclude I can say that it should be a reason for banning, because it can hurt somebody and it is really annoying to try to votekick them.

My problem with that view is that’s a bit like someone who previously aimbotted to get mad whenever people talk about the fact that he previously aimbotted.
The same goes for slavery/racism and the KKK; while I disapprove, taking direct action just points to the issue more.

That’s over trivialising the matter though Reki. It’s clearly not the same at all. Cuuli is saying that he finds it offensive to have to be reminded of something his ancestors did that caused a war because of them standing under this one symbol. That’s why it’s offensive to anybody really. The Swastika and it’s repercussions throughout Europe is a sad scar on the Germanic people.

I wouldn’t say ban for it, that’s a bit much but a swift /tb for a while wouldn’t hurt anybody and a well worded and reasonable /pm to back it up is probably the best way to go. However, repeated building and making it obvious he is not cooperating then maybe something else should be considered.

Well, thanks for your defense Juxta. I respect your view reki but it is a view from a person who dont care about it. When it is right that you are from Taiwan, then it is normal because… i dont even know where Taiwan is:p Taiwan didnt tame part in the war. but imagine you are a german. If you lived in a country which is the reason for a war, you would think in a different way. Its a bad feeling when I see this nazi-shit in my favourite game…

Although I am American, I’d have to agree with you. I completely understand your view. It can really offend someone and anything built to offend someone should be dealt with. I don’t think it’s worth a ban right away. I’d say the person building it should have /togglebuild done and if they evade it or build it again, then they should be banned.

I /tb swastika builders. I don’t have any tolerance for racism.

There have been many atrocities committed over the course of human history. Genocides, enslavement, torture…the list for crimes against humanity is long and ever-growing.
Ideally, we should all just move on from the past. Kids building swastikas are simply attention-seeking trolls that have nothing better to do with their own time, just like the hordes of idiots screaming “nigger” or “jew” repeatedly, in all caps. I don’t see white people on the server telling people to stop because the reminder of the peculiar institution makes them ashamed of their history (the complaints are all to “stop being racist”).

It’s part of history, and we’ve hopefully learnt a lesson from it. You weren’t personally involved, so it was NOT your fault. And certainly some immature kid building the Nazi symbol should never make you feel ashamed or uncomfortable of your Teutonic heritage. Should it be condoned? Most certainly not, because the symbol is connotated with the racist ideologies behind it, and thus falls under the category of racism, which we do not tolerate. But don’t see the symbol as an attack on anyone specifically.

Off-topic: In regards to Taiwan, we were actually at the center of a bunch of things. We’ve massacred aboriginals and were in turn massacred by the Chinese. But that was all in the past, and it doesn’t really affect me.

Well, this is what I do in the case of racism/pornographic pixel art.:

If I see somebody building a swastika (or anything else racist), I warn them, and ask them to take it down. If they just walk off on it, I’ll do it myself. 2nd offence, I’ll /tb, and they’ll have to take it back down if they want to be allowed to build again. If they evade the togglebuild, or after taking it down build it a 3rd time, I /hban. :slight_smile:

In the case of building penises (detailed or simplistic), I give them 5 chances before banning, since it’s a little bit less offencive (in my opinion). :wink:


Wait, if you’ve /tb’d someone how are they meant to remove whatever it is they’ve built?