is there RU protection anymore or not?

As of 10:35 pm 6/29/2011. the aloha jp server is allowing base rape. What’s the scoop?

maybe the admin server was down, was any other admin stuff working such as announcement messages? everything looks ok from here but i just restarted it in case something funky was going on.

let me know if it’s working or not next time you get on. i won’t have access to a pc that can run bfbc2 for another couple of days.

The RU protection and stats aren’t working again today. as of 2:10pm tokyo time. 7/3/2011. thx.

they enemy team is raping so bad now they won’t even listen to my threats of being banned. 3:04pm tokyo 7/3/2011.

if you want a list of rapers. then i have screen shots of who was doing the killing

so the entire team was using helo’s, tanks and basically camping in the RU to rape the spawn points.

I hope you think that this type of behavior isn’t any better than griefing. I warned them this was a non rape server with protected RU’s but they obviously didn’t care.

since this protection for the server is down on a regular basis now, i will have to rethink my commitment to play on this server. I hope this isn’t the end of a good server.

admin server crashed again but it’s back up now

stats are disabled for the time being

stats are working again

Stats are down and base rape is abundant as of 3pm tokyo time 7/29/11.

thanks, seems the PRoCon update disabled some things

looks like everything is working again but i am unable to double check in the game right now so please let me know if anything is still broken

There still isn’t any admin server control as of 8:10pm Fri, 8/26. No protection, no stats, no auto balance, no admin control. -LR

all of the PRoCon plugins somehow got disabled, this happens every now and then i don’t know why

i enabled them again, everything seems to be working please let me know if not thanks