Is there any way to acquire the source code for Ace of Spades?

I know Jagex has it, but the game was taken off steam and they are no longer making money off of it, so why not give it back to the community? This game is slowly dying out like a faint candle in the dark and I feel like it can really only be saved if the source code was released. Imagine the potential of OpenSpades and how good it will look. Is there any possible way that the community can band together and somehow convince whoever has the source code to release it to the people again? I love this game and I would love to see it back in another renaissance.

Eventhough the shutdown the game jagex still owns it. They thought about making their version opensource but decided against it “due to potential technical, legal and licensing implications”.

I’m not even sure they still have the original source code anymore. There are clients in development such as openspades and betterspades but imo they won’t really take off unless we ditch 0.75 classic.

IMO we need to dtich classic and focus on one of them and make a entirely new game.

What is your reasoning for ditching 0.75? Because, I’ve played both 0.75 and 0.76 and they seem like the same thing at first glance. But, I get that we do need improvement, and that’s why I feel the source code should be released, so the people can shape it the way they want. I think Jagex would have the original source code, and if they don’t, giving away the rights would still allow a bigger freedom for innovations. Maybe we could get Ben to give the source code back if the rights were given away. I know this is a long shot, but imo this is one of the only ways to keep this game going.

I wasn’t saying ditching 0.75 for 0.76. IMO openspades and betterspades while compatible with AOS classic 0.75 are different and if the original 0.75 client went away could be made into an entirely new game. IMO those two clients have a better chance of becoming a new game then the original source code being released.

Ben, if you know how to contact him, couldn’t give you the souce code without, AFAIK, breaking the law since the source code and game belongs to jagex. Only jagex can release the code legally. I only mentioned that they might not have the original 0.75 source code because how different their version is compared to what 0.75, from what I remember. They could have ditched the original code as soon as they had their version up and running.

From my understanding of the latest post from jagex developers is that they thought about making it opensource but decided against that. I doubt they will release the rights if they decided against making it open source (unless they plan to make a new game or sell the rights)

Well, I know it’s a long shot, but I sent an email to the CEO/COO of Jagex about this dilemma. But, what do you think would happen if the source code were released? Do you think it would be a good thing?

IMO I think it would be nice to have the original source code

So, what do you think we can do to revive the community and get this game going again? I just want it to be like the way it used to be, but if the source code were out, there could be more improvements.