Is racism prohibited? it seems not.

Are racists allowed on Trusted do aloha?

It seems so, because I have already reported the racism committed by Cristal (Current Trusted) of aloha 3 times and nothing happened. the first time I reported it was to an ex staff Hendrikson.

the second report was made to MoDer, leader of the clan where Cristal is.

He returned to tell me he was going to talk to her, Even so she continued so I reported to DarioN.

and the last report was made for another staff, but nothing happens.

I was told she was Trusted, and nothing was going to happen. But what is happening is a crime, aloha is a great server. That sort of thing shouldn’t happen. it is not because she is an old player who has to pass the hand. after several and several reports she still continues to insult

Other Brazilian players have already gone through the same situation, I am waiting for the aloha response.


aspirandor, lemme tell you that if you check the rules by writing /rules in chat, they says nothing about racism, so yes it’s allowed… but there’s a votekick function that was made to keep disturbing players out, but thanks to aloha’s idiotic trusted status system it’s not working properly

and by the way it seems like you’re asking for cristals trusted user shit to be removed more than complaining about the racism on aloha servers? is that right?

Racism is a crime. a while ago I asked and I was told it was forbidden!

He isn’t a staff member so don’t take his word. in general, we do take on action on racism. i believe the player you were refering to was muted and someone talked to him/her. I’ll let someone else go into this a little bit more since they probably have more to say than I do.

it is the fourth time that she practices racism.

then why the fuck should we take your word? we can see in your last post that you haven’t done anything at all except for what darion and moder already done, in other words not doing anything. i don’t need to be staff or admin to write /rules. and still, the votekick isn’t working as it should due to aloha’s trusted system, we see it in this thread

you can easily look if she keeps being a racist, or if she just says something dumb once or twice, and then remove her trusted status and then try to make her stop saying bad things. why aren’t you doing anything, since other staff members don’t seem to care?

i have to say i make some jokes about races or religions, but i never deride or say anything disparaging like nazi players do

hm… maybe you should try to talk to her yourself, and tell her that you don’t appreciate what she says about you, that’s the best idea i got

Hi aspirador! I wasn’t going to respond to this thread because I didn’t think I really understood what was happening- but I think I do now.

To begin with, I appreciate that you brought this up and started this discussion. Everyone on aloha should feel included and have an enjoyable time, and it seems like you’re not- so we need to fix that.

While Demon’s reply holds some truth, I think a few things do need to be specified. Aloha doesn’t have a list of rules that everyone needs to follow, but action is taken against anything that clearly oversteps the line. There are a few flaws to this system, but it allows the staff to be flexible when it comes to diverse and unique situations while also letting considerate players to feel comfortable to speak their mind without being censored. A list of rules would need to be constantly adjusted with more specific cases, such as this one, which is why we believe our current system is the best choice.

SO, with all of that being said, it seems to me like we need to utilize this system- and it will actually be rather straightforward. Many people, including me (but not that I’ve ever used the word), and also allegedly Cristal, did not understand the true meaning behind that word. While that is an excuse to use it in a past, it is not an excuse to use it from now on. If Cristal is seen using that type of language again, there will be consequences for him- mainly involving his trusted status. He has been made aware of this.

Please feel free to report the use of that word to the aloha staff. Now that we understand the cultural meaning behind it, we would be more than willing to take action against it. Let me know if you have any questions or need any clarification.


she has done this 4 times in different situations and dates, all Brazilians are complaining.

I already did that, but whenever I win her in aloha it starts with racism.

but they said that racism is prohibited, but it is already the fourth complaint and they always say that they will talk to her. so my indignation

we already explained the crystal that to call “monkey” is racism. But she continues with the act, so I am outraged.

seems like if she’s saying something like that again, the admins are willing to remove her trusted status, so problem solved let’s play

It’s almost impossible for me to try and piece together who said what, at what time, and what they knew when they said it. Especially when all of it is probably in Spanish/Portuguese. I can’t make a fair decision based on everything that’s happened in the past, but I am able to make a decision about the consequences that will happen based on what happens in the future. I know it’s not what you’re looking for in this case, but I hope you understand that I’m trying to do my best.

it’s portuges not spanish

when i read racism, i thought something like very mean despective comments towards you by being brazillian, but this is not as serious as you think it is, this is not racism on its full definition.

i know the macaco thing is a meme, you know is a meme, and so dumb people gonna go through internet calling every brazillian macaco because they are dumb and that’s what dumb people do.

Conclusion: those players are stupid and have peanut brains, ignore them (this step is important) and keep reporting them to the servers staff. Patience is the key and don’t get wild if you don’t get results next day.

Everything is fun and laughs until someone get mad, so i propose as best solution mute those players if they get too annoying with those words that may sound despective, if they insist or evade that mute, proceed to do a stronger punishment, i understand being called “macaco” just by being brazillian is annoying, just as building nazi stuff ingame or saying racial slurs in chat, so i think is a fair price to pay.

On this specific case, since this player is trusted, there gonna be consequences about it.

PD: No aspirador, not all brazillians get offended when someone says “macaco” in some internet chat, quit doing ad populum

you are not Brazilian to know if it is racism here or not, and she has already been told that it is racism. If you want I can ask all Brazilians if it is racism and send you a print. if all Brazilians who play the game feel offended, then yes it is a serious case … and it is what happens, if you want to send the print!

what you don’t understand is that I have been reporting this for over a year and nothing happens, and they say it is prohibited. They always warn her but months later she starts racism again.

maybe you should just ignore her? at least that’s what the staff is doing might be worth a try

seems like she is just trying to annoy you, not being racist against brazillians