Is it true?

Are the rumors true that grenades have been nerfed on arena? Because I and a lot of other people have opinions if it’s true.

Should not be true - at least, I have not heard of this in any way.

I don’t know why the rumor has blown up so much if it’s not true. It does feel like they do less damage though. I was in the kill radius of a grenade and instead of losing the majority of my health I lost 8hp. Could be hypochondriac of me or could have been lag too. IDK

It’s definitely true, I tested it out by self-nading myself. Practically had to sit on my nade to make it kill me. If my nade is just 2 blocks away, it’ll do less than 50 damage.

I got a nade in the face, just shy of a direct hit, while on cs_assault, lost only 60-ish hp where it should have been well over 100. On de_dust, I saw my nades land right next to a group of enemies and explode there, should’ve gotten them all, but not a single kill.

Having played zombies, I can say that these new arena nades act just like the ones there, You need a nade to explode right by your enemy to kill him at full hp, any other nades do minimal damage.

That being said, I do remember that long before this whole incident, (possibly before jagex AoS) I heard that arena nades are intentionally downscaled in damage.

Arena grenades are definitely underpowered

Nades wouldn’t be nerfed by us without us knowing about it

It’s true. I can rush through middle in CS_Italy now even with the grenade defenses.

grenades on our arena servers have always been 25% of normal damage. 100% damage is just too overpowered for arena.

it seems this thread has started up a discussion about it though, so we’ll likely be adjusting (increasing) damage so that nades have a bigger impact than they do currently… thoughts about that?

This is what we have now.