Is it allowed to mod the map bullet tracer?

in the same folder where you can go to mod the sights of a gun you can also mod the map bullet tracer, the default is a 1 pixel wide yellow line, is it considered cheating to modify the tracer?

I wouldn’t go changing the length of the tracer to some extreme value, it may not even be beneficial or able to do so. other then that I can’t think of anything cheat worthy of it, Arrows, Circles, other shapes, aren’t gunna give you the preciseness of just a line. They’ll just look different. Changing the color wouldn’t do anything so I couldn’t imagine anyone getting on your case if you wanted to change the color. That’s just my thoughts if you wanna play it safe wait for an admin’s response.

What tyler said.

If you know it’s cheaty and will benefit you then don’t do it.

That said, if you want like a plasma shot or something which is 3x3 I don’t see the problem.

If you follow this, you’ll be fine (this is true for anything cheating-related, not just this scenario):
If you feel using something brings an unfair advantage, don’t do it.
Obviously there will be cases when people disagree over what an “unfair advantage” is, so play on the side of caution or ask an admin.

In case you already knew that, and are on the “ask an admin” step: no, changing it will not bring an advantage.
If you make it way larger than normal, you may have a slight advantage. Go with whether you feel OK using it.