Is build and shoot ever coming back up?

Ever since the build and shoot forums went down last year I’ve watched the playerbase slowly decline. Seriously, if anyone is in contact with the bns hosts can you give us some info on whether or not the forums will ever come back up? I think it’s key to keeping the aos community alive. Also, could someone explain what went wrong in the first place?

Jagex then this shit.Its a fucking fake feels hiatus because fake hiatus means forever gone or some shit.

I kind of get what you’re saying there but near the end I completely lost any understanding of what the hell you were saying.

Try mixing Toby Fox,Rebecca Sugar,Andrew Hussie and Scott Cawthon together.
What do you get?
endless fucking suffering of waiting too long.

How long has it been? I think the forums went down in October of last year.

I honestly would like to know as well. If it comes back, we can hope to maybe see a small revival to the game. I am not saying like 100 to 200 people on busy hours, but maybe at least 2 or 3 full servers. Although, I love openspades, that is just as good imo. It just doesn’t give that nostalgic view that I remember when I played.

Yeah, I think we’d start to see some more people get on if bns was back up.

you yourself can be: just PM izzy your questions.

They’re already working on new BnS page on Github :

the bitch is back just like milo said

Thank you for showing me this! Looks sick

yes, the forums and all of its content/posts are coming back. as is the redesigned website. sorry about the long wait.

initially, malicious activity caused the site to go down. looking forward, we decided it would be best to revamp everything. forum data will be restored from a September 2016 backup, one day before the old site went down.

great news!

Sounds great Izzy.