IRC Problems

Im [DELTA]Raykay, I discovered I was banned today (Don’t know if it’s a 20-30min ban or permanet) so I wanted to try and enter the IRC to ask anyone to verify if it was a 20-30min ban or permant. Anyways thats not why I wanted to post it here. The computer I use to play Ace of Spades I use a HotSpot Shield so that we could watch American Netflix (I live in Canada). So when I tried to connect to the IRC I received a error like this

[17:46] == +++ Your IP address (Blocked) is BLOCKED by our DNS blacklist!
[17:46] == +++ To limit abuse, you cannot use this webchat client through your browser. You can connect to QuakeNet using a normal IRC client in the mean time, however we strongly advise you check your PC or network for problems.
[17:46] == +++ This is a problem with your IP address and/or computer, this is not a problem with QuakeNet, please fix it without contacting QuakeNet.
[17:46] == +++ Alternatively, if you log in you can bypass this block (use the “log in to Q” button).
[17:46] == +++ Oblivion awaits…
[17:46] == Disconnected from server:

I was just wondering if I would have to disable my Hotspot Shield in order to use the IRC.

From reading the error log try getting an irc client program [theres plenty out there] and not use your browser. It should fix the issue. Or from this “Alternatively, if you log in you can bypass this block (use the “log in to Q” button).” you could reqister at quakenet and login and it could fix the issue.

Ok thankyou. Do you happen to know or able to ask anyone about me being banned?

Wait nevermind. Could anyone please close this thread?

Theads don’t get closed [This isn’t a tech support forum if thats the way your thinking where threads get closed]

Sorry for late response my reinstall took longer than usally

gotta love Microsoft update

plus my internet went out :L
annnd half my systems are still down lol there went today’s hacker report