IRC problems

Always when I’m on the #aloha IRC and I say there is a hacker on pinpoint,the admins ususally dont answer and dont come…
I think I am not alone,I know you are often busy but the are many ADMINS or guards and you usually never come when I need you:/
Than I have to record and report because no admin came.
One time it was so:No admin came,I recorded,while uploading haux banned the player,I stopped uploading.
K thx plz do something

I want to be guard for this reason.
But you have to realise everybody has a life. :wink:

Yes,the admins are really busy but on the otherhand they can’t be always guarding servers as they have a life too besides some admins are pretty active and come the moment u report.

Well you could beep me if there is a hacker.
Or maybe beep other admins who come always ingame for catching them.
Mostly I just wait for a hacker, but there are two Problems:

  1. I can ban them, but only for an hour, so it could be that they return soon (happend already).
  2. Actually, I have got problems with IRC. It doesnt beep me if somebody writes my name etc. It could be possible that dont notice you if I am ingame.

If you type an admin’s exact name in chat it’ll usually pop up in a separate window on his machine. I wouldn’t abuse this feature, however…

Generally we have IRC open but in the background. As you can probably wonder why, we generally like doing work but have that line of communication open.

If it’s something important, like ei8htx noted, just type our exact name in (some IRC clients even let you hit tab to complete a name fully after typing in a few letters) and that makes the IRC window light up/beep/shine the Batman symbol in the sky/whatever. What’s neat is you can string together a few names you think are likely to respond. If you start abusing this too much we will take note and action. You don’t want to be like the boy who cried wolf, except the villagers beat up the boy instead.

Whenever my name is said (on any channel) that message turns orange, and I get a beep to tell that someone has said something involving me.

Also, cuuli? Do you have mIRC? I used QuakeNet and that never beeped for me when someone said my name. ._.

How to get beeped on mIRC:

  1. Press Alt+B
  2. Go to the “highlights” tab
  3. Click “Enable Highlights”
  4. Click “Add”
  5. Where it prompts you to put a word/words, put $me. This beeps you no matter what your nick is.
  6. Under “Match on” click “Both”
  7. Under the box that says sound, choose either “beep” or your own sound. (To choose just click on it)

Under the box with the colors, choose a color (leave blank if you don’t want one, this just changes the color of the tab that you’ve been beeped on)
Under where it says Flash, you can check the box and change the number to repeat the beep.