Invisible shovel hacker

I have -some- video but it wasn’t enough to nail it down. I have 4 names of possible invisible shovel hacker. Obviously, don’t ban them all but please keep an eye out:

Al!c3 <— He tried to kick a random guy for “invisble” even though the hacker was not affecting his team.
Nikolass 77 ← He was in other games when no hacker appeared. Probably not him
Unk ← he was a high score player so maybe too busy to hack?

Here is how I did this: I watched the video of the game. When a player was killed while the hacker was destroying the base, that meant that it could not have been him. These four were all present while hacks were in-play and were not showing up in the activity log as being shot/killed. My guess is that it’s PRO or Al!c3 and we’ll soon know for sure.