[i][b]Hello its me BlackCaliber, just call me Black.I played this game since err… i dont know exactly how many years did i played this i think its around 2013 or 2012.

I used my old VAIO laptop because my PC CPU is overheated and now its broke.
I can’t do much with this laptop cause its an 1,8Ghz Processor and 64mb Graphics,and my computer specs are 3,2ghz processor and 512mb HD5670.

Recording BnS : 14-23 FPS (LAPTOP) - 29-35 FPS (COMPUTER) used OPENSPADES
Without Recording:31-42 FPS (LAPTOP) - 38-48 FPS (COMPUTER) used OPENSPADES

i didnt record OPENSPADES Gameplay cause FRAPS eats too much memory for an video
8-10 minute= 2-3GB

Youtube Channel:[/b][/i]

Welcome to aloha! :slight_smile:

Welcome to aloha, BlackCaliber!
Hope you’ll have a great time here. :stuck_out_tongue:

such a nice greeting from you guys :slight_smile:

We always welcome new members. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the aloha community :slight_smile:
You should try out bandicam Imo. A 10 minute video gets me from 350-400mb

will Bandicam decrease ur FPS?

any recording software will generally decrease fps unfortunately, but i’ve found bandicam/dxtory/obs to have less of an impact than fraps. if you could use shadowplay i have heard good things about that too but from the sound of it you can’t

all of those beat fraps imo

Not sure, it doesn’t for me, but it may be different for others.

welcome to
you can join to our #aloha IRC channel in if you want, where you can talk and share your videos with us

Unfortunately for me, yes. I had a really bad pc so I got 37-45 fps on Voxlap but when I hit f12, the fps would be near 30-37 fps. It’s not too much(yet you can notice the fps difference) but you can tinker the setting and output 60fps video (doubling each frame which has an ok result)

Shadowplay uses the least amount of resources, just enable desktop capture so you can record AoS.

Or OBS. That works as well.

yeah OBS sounds good for this old laptop thanks anyways :smiley:

well for a reason my ISP blocked the IRC and it was a blanked white page now

I got about 19-23FPS with Bandicam and 16-21 with OBS still this laptop needs to be replaced by the new one

hello and welcome, nice to meet you

its nice to meet you too :wink: