Introducing: sync for Discord!



If you’ve happened to see the (:point_up_2:) new “ sync” Bot on our Discord server, then you’ve gotten a sneak peek of’s brand new feature! We’re proud to introduce: Forum Group → Discord Role sync!!!


How does sync work?

Heads up @staff-all and @player-trusted! You must connect your account by 7/15/'22 to keep your Discord roles. Your forum roles will not be lost!

  • Although participation in our Discord private channels isn’t required, we highly recommend syncing your Discord account with your account to be tuned in with all facets of our community.

Step 1) Go to our Groups page (shown above) to get instructions on how to connect your Discord account.

You can always find our Groups page in the upper right menu of!

Step 2) Follow the instructions to Connect your Discord account :point_down:
Note: You must be logged in for this step.

Step 3) Once you successfully connect your account, you’re done!
Any group that you join/leave on’s Groups page will trigger our sync Bot to add/remove your correct Discord roles!

Navigate back to our Groups page and click on a Group to learn its purpose and how you can join!

Joining/Leaving a group will trigger a sync in our #role-sync channel!


Feel free to join our new open-to-everyone Groups- Photographers, AoS Developers, AoS Mapmakers, AoS Modders, and more!

Please reach out to any Staff member if you have any questions, issues or group suggestions! :smile:

Thanks, News Team @news-team


the announcement doesn’t make justice to the insane amount of work that this took to pull off, and I’ve got to specially point out @FerrariFlunker for crafting and troubleshooting this marble of a quality of life feature. huge shout-out to everyone who worked hard on this from devs, staff and everyone that went hard on it to break it and fix it over and over through the weeks :heart:.


Just a reminder to any @player-trusted and @staff-all members: please sync your Discord account here on the forum before July 15th, or you will lose your Discord roles!