interview with Ace of Spades creator, Ben Aksoy

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1. What inspired you to make Ace of Spades? Is it designed after a specific war?

I just wanted to make a game that I would want to play. I quit gaming a long time ago because I was sick of static environments and rinse and repeat gameplay. I wanted a game that rewarded creativity over reflexes so I developed Ace of Spades. It’s not modelled after a specific war although there are some Vietnam influences (the namesake of the game). I’m keeping things a little abstract because it gives me more freedom when adding features, and gives players more freedom with their imagination.

  1. You already said you would like to see a Map Editor added but do you have any other thought on how you may extend modability.

There’s already a growing community in modding the game sounds and model files. I’m not a big fan of server-side mods because I know the first mod would be those bad Quake killstreak sounds that first put me off gaming… but maybe down the line it’d be cool to allow admins to script simple gamemodes. Also, custom maps should be supported pretty soon!

  1. How are you dealing with all the attention? Do you plan on recruiting/hiring help?

It’s pretty cool to see your name on big sites (when they spell it right) but I wish I was better prepared for all the initial traffic. I didn’t think the game would catch on so quick. Despite all the offers, I don’t think I need to recruit people yet… the fun part of development starts now anyway.

  1. Do you want to increase the range of vision?

In terms of fog, probably not. It’s there for performance and network bandwidth reasons and I’ve never liked pixel hunting in Red Orchestra. Fog allows flanking tactics and the game already has a pretty decent view range.

  1. Where do you want to take the game? Do you want it to stay realistic or make it a little over the top?

I’d like to keep the AoS on the side of realism but still keep the gameplay simple and instinctive. I think the abstract, simplified gameplay allows player more freedom in their style of play instead of suffocating it.

  1. Do you want to implement more details into maps like grass, tress, or boulders?

Yes, I’ll definitely add more detail to terrain generation, and add different types of terrain. And the map editor should allow players to create whatever they want.

  1. You have already described where you want to take the games weapons but have you made anymore plans since then?

I wish I planned that far ahead, but I’m just going day-by-day. I would like more weapons that take advantage of the dynamic terrain… a satchel charge or mortar would be cool but they’d have to be implemented in a way that couldn’t be abused.

  1. Could voxlap and Ace of Spades support vehicles? If so would you ever consider implementing any.

The terrain is too blocky for jeeps/tanks, but planes and PT boats aren’t out of the question.

  1. Do you want to change the size of the maps? If so how big or small?

Not really… I’d like to increase playercounts to 64 one day though.

  1. Last but by least, of course, what is your favorite team to play?

Click my name on a news post at to find out.