Intel RPG

I started playing again on IRPG. There is one thing I hate though, you lose levels when you die.

It’s hard when you are sprinting away trying to cap intel because you can’t just sit down and aim because the chances of dying are high. But if you keep running your chances of dying are still high.

It’s completely stupid that you lose levels. I liked it better when you didn’t.

I agree

It used to be you lost EVERYTHING on death, so I don’t see how this is a problem.

Reki does have a point

Id rather lose 1 level than lost EVERYTHING so im not complaining.

It used to be you lost nothing.

When I played IRPG once (long ago), I basically got max levels in everything but poison bullets. I got killed once, and suddenly, I’m level 0 everything again, at which point I promptly ragequit.

How long ago?

Because I remember playing 2-3 months ago and nothing happened when you died.

I honestly forgot. It was around when nadesplosion and /power 6 didn’t work, and I was just doing some self-investigation as to how badly that affected gameplay.

Very long ago.

Anyways, liked it way better when you didn’t lose powers.