Intel RPG Glitch

When Nadesplosion was added, two new bugs were introduced. First, it has no description - when you type /power 6 you just get the list of powers. Second, when you get 18 intel captures, any more won’t give you new powers. It’ll give you the same one (including level) repeatedly regardless of /powerpref. That’ll leave you with 3 unfilled power slots.

EDIT: These are fixed. New one a little farther down.

I had the glitch where you cannot get all of them… I had all of them except amour so I think thats not a glitch but I think Izzy made it that way on purpose.

That is annoying when you can’t get all powers.

Now /power and /power 7 are swapped - when you type /power, it shows the nadesplosion description, and when you type /power 7, if shows the list of powers. On one of the first lines, in a function definition, change “value = 6” to “value = 7” and it should be fixed.

These problems are all solved now, thanks.
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thanks for the fix BR