Install a font in OpenSpades, BetterSpades and Ace of Spades

To install your font generate the font in TrueType.
you can create a font in FontForge

In Ace of Spades install your font in you operating system
To install the fonts in windows xp,
(Start the menu run (Win + r).
(There we write the following: %windir%\fonts ). Once we press
accept, another window will appear with the system fonts.
Now we go to File and click on “Install new font“.

Then download DDFontMake and open.
DDFontMake.exe (56 KB)
There load a font to save it 3 times in 12, 18 and 36 font size .bmp in Ace of Spades\fonts

In OpenSpades put in Resources / / Gfx / Fonts / put the AlteDIN1451.ttf file

In BetterSpades put your font in\fonts\ with the name Terminal.ttf and Fixedsys.ttf