Infiltration Server

I was just noticing this today, but the Infiltration server doesn’t have that much maps on it. I’ve gone through the entire rotation in one sitting (i don’t play for long periods mostly). Could someone make some more maps for it, or I could make a few, if I can figure out how.

Problem with this:
Infiltration is broken, random intel caps, caps going to other people, etc. I think the priority with that server is to fix the game mode first, then add some maps.

I don’t think so. I think it runs fine, though that’s my opinion, I can be wrong very easily.

infiltration maps are pretty unique as the gamemode is unique. you need to create a map giving the blue team enough cover and such to effectively hold down their base and shift the map from getting most of the action in the centre to have most of the action occur on one of the sides. for example if for some reason we all randomly became brain dead and decided to play infiltration on pinpoint, the blue team would probably spend most of their time getting their asses whooped by the greens. basically the reason there’s not a lot of maps on infiltration is they have to be specially tailored for the gamemode and map makers are probably too lazy to try and think of making a map for infiltration.

There are plenty of maps for infil, like an island map where blue defends the MIDDLE that would be cool

you mean the one with a blue tower in the middle surrounded by a moat? actually i really hate that one. everyone just griefs the tower then spawn camps the blues for 20-30 minutes. it’s not fair to the blues at all! it’s torture to be with the blues when that happens. it really doesn’t help if some the blues helps the greens to grief the tower! I think that’s the map that needs fixing!
I love all the other maps and the game mode

Any map where green spawns around the blue base is unfair to blue. The tower in the middle especially.


I play on blue and I don’t usually care.

We should probably implement an anti-grief system for blues similar to that of babel.

The maps of infiltration are designed so that greens can’t spawn and quickly charge to keep raiding the blues. With wave-spawning implemented, the blues can get a brief respite between waves of greens to jury-rig a defense for the intel, get into sniping positions, reload, etc.

Most of the time, frontal assaults don’t get anywhere, it’s greens digging damn tunnels underneath the base that puts the hurt in.

Sometimes, its good to dig a bit for blue. If you dig a pit around the intel to the unbreakable zone, it benefits your team. A strict blue cant dig would be really hard to deal with.

Perhaps put a limit to the amount of blocks you can break in a certain area, per minute, if possible. This reduces griefing, while also giving time to report them if they do grief. It also allows you to dig a moat or some kind of protection around blue’s spawn or intel.

From what I know, Infiltration has at the most 7-8 maps, and some unreleased maps from the <@> crew. Colosseum/Bowl or whatever it is by tGM can be converted to an Infiltration map.