Imposters.. arent they wonderful???

just to let people know… i got imposter… obviously the can’t get over 50 kills is fake…

and real Chonny goes flanking people in water…

real camper xD

oh and if izzy read this… please can you make a map that is kinda like “bridge war” but have platform on the left and right same size, and have stairway going down, and the middle is just WATER :DDDDD no bridge maybe a few islands

my world right there xD i always like water… im the best at water maps

so a layout like bridge wars, but instead of a bridge, stairs go downward from where the bridge would start all the way to the water?

yes yes that would be awesome, the stairway starts on the middle of the platform in each team, make sure the stairs is big enough, at least 7 or 8 blocks wide…

and can you bring back pinpoint please?? is awesome i missed it :frowning:

pinpoint is coming back shortly i just wanted to test the island map on that server