I'm tired of it

I’m tired of being accused of hacking, votekick, being watched all the time, it’s not cool to be seen with bad eyes. So I decided that every time I have a guard in the spectator, I’ll open my tape recorder and I’ll record from the beginning to the end of the map, the video below Took 3 hours to upload, but if necessary So that some adults stop crying and give up thinking that or hack, I will do this. It’s not good to lose friends because some people keep poking their heads with false information about me.
When I buy a new keyboard and headset I will make videos with style editions on the aloha servers. (The video had many cuts because I have a keyboard that does not work half the keys, so it was not possible to add speed, so I cut scenes where nothing happened)


Well do you need to shout something related to your reputation and skill because sometimes i don’t really mind being called of hacks because these prepubescent cunts are being idiots because they don’t know what is the difference of hacks and skill.You could instead report them of votekick abuse in the abuse reports section because votekick abuse counts as unfair play,obviously.


it is shown on this link that the following is considered as abuse.It is better if you tell your friends that accused you this topic or the difference of hacks and skill because I am also tired that alot of idiots do not know the difference between the following.

But most of the time it’s people who watch me more than they should, so I feel like I’m doing something wrong, and these people put ideas into my friends’ heads saying I’m hacked.

You see,they are using one of the most common ways of ruining one’s reputation like the things you said,telling known acquaintances,family or friends false information of said person/target to accomplish their objective.

Thinking they did something good even though it is not thorough and has lacking information of the accusation.Then they end up fucking up without knowing it because they keep thinking about being a professional instigator and detective then someone objects them because they try to remind them of the things i said earlier,fucking up.

Yeah sure you did something wrong,but i do not know or have any care for it because it is something unrelated to the subject.One of the many reasons you are being accused of hacks is because they are new players who are different from the common side of new players,the difference is that they relentlessly shout hacks without getting good shit instead just rage and for example,shout shit on tumblr,youtube or any other website like this one about seeing a “real” hacker.They should use some tool to get evidence for hacking like pubovl.Everybody makes mistakes like the thing you said you were feeling like you were doing something wrong.But most of the time people do not realise the mistake they have done because they are focusing on something dumbfounded like thinking they did something good but they didn’t.

I feel like I’m being watched while I use the bathroom, do you understand how it bothers? For me this is a chase

If you’re innocent you don’t have anything to worry about. If it’s just a votekick go on discord or irc #aloha and see if a admin can undo it. Usually there is at least one if not more admins on and if nobody is around its just 30 minutes. You don’t need to record yourself playing. It’s up to a admin to record you so if you are playing legit that’s just a lot of unnecessary work. If you get banned playing legit you don’t need to worry. Sometimes good players look like they are hacking. Add in a little lag and mistakes happen. In the meantime get settled in the community and apply for trusted. If you have already applied then just play the game and give it some time.

Never bothered me. What does bother me is noobs turning on their aimpots because they think you hack.

In retrospect, LOL.