i'm in need of someone who can animate os mods

hi/hello, it’s me. i just thought about posting this here before officially releasing it. because animations=success, jk. i just want it to be in one package on release.

anyways, as the title says: i just wanted to know if anyone is interested or is able to do scripts (animations) for this model that i have created:

i just need a reload animation that is similar to paratrooper’s m4 but the charging handle is on the right side as you can see here (and because it’s an ak-74):

i tried experimenting with paratrooper’s awp script which fits perfectly btw, the mag animation and the animation for the charging handle is right where i want it to be, the only problem is that the charging handle itself is not moving when reloading while sprinting. yes it won’t be visible when reloading while walkin, but i don’t want to miss that detail. though i can make it a little shorter so it won’t be visible anymore but… i like my skins detailed soo i’m not sure. maybe, i guess.

for the mean time, i’ll just leave it here and experiment with pt’s scripts. if you can help me with the script, pm me and i’ll send you the model

also, i’m open for your thoughts/opinions/feedbacks about the model itself for future adjustments. i’ll highly appreciate that. thanks!

(i’ll just edit this thread on i’ts release, hopefully i’ll be able to)



This looks amazing! I wish I could help you out with the scripting, sorry.

Twodayudie and Paratrooper are your boys.

neat idea i like the effort you have put into this but i dont like the glorification of guns
maybe you can remove the guns and replace them with something more friendly like a squirt gun or even maybe something else because squirt guns are similar to real ones just they do not hurt usually
since you want to release this package for public, please do this without the guns because children and other people may download this and they might think guns are ok
guns are very dangerous and maybe the world would be a better place without them because they sometimes kill people sometimes this is an accident but sometimes it is a robber or a murderer who has the gun to shoot people and this is not ok so i advise you to not glorify this anymore

I’m excited to kill people with the '74.
( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Or you can just ask permission to fire at hostiles from your squad leader or commander.
ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ=3=3=3