I'm Being called a "HACKER" and yet... I DON'T FREAKIN HACK!

Greetings to everyone who are reading this…
I’ve been banned from 4 servers in one day just because of so called “hacking”,
I just found out my game was running a bit rough so… I reinstalled it and added my mods into the game immediately, I noticed a BIG performance Boost! :o

With the Big Performance boost… I was able to get really cheesy head shots with My trusty Rifle and then… bam! banned from 3 different servers because I played the game like I usually do…
The 4th one that I got banned in… I have recorded it, even made a commentary about it! I’m not sure if its one of your servers but… it has aloha.pk at the start of the server name…
its called “aloha.pk.com Komrade maps” server.

Guys to those who don’t know me yet… I’m a Modder on Build and Shoot Forums, I have my own mods btw, if you want to see them, check out My other Posts in the Build and Shoot Site okay? ;D

Here is My Video and commentary about hacking, the gameplay is also evidence, also Specter 5 (a friend of mine’s AoS name) commented as Specter Wolf (Youtube Name) so be sure to read the comments of the video as well, the people that votekicked me in this gameplay commentary video also kicked some of Specter 5’s friends back then before this even happened…
Please watch in HD and Full Screen for best quality ;D

Support me as much as you can… if I end up on the global blacklist or completely get banned from aloha.pk which are one of my trusted servers to play on … I will not continue mods and commentaries… :’(

The two Players that falsely accused me of hacking are in the video, if these two douche bags are here on the forums, ban them from your servers if that is what you would do to them, or just give them a warning if they deserve one…
remember my friend Specter 5 had history with one of them, one of his best friends got banned because of one of them…

First of all,I dont think 'aloha.pk Komrades maps’is actually a aloha.pk server.Second of all,Im pretty sure it is a votekick so it only lasts 30mins.And finally,if there votekick abusers you can either report them in the IRC,make a new topic with evidence about the abuse in abuse reports or apply for a trusted password which makes you protected from votekicks.

That happened to me today…

That’s not actually an aloha server - it’s called “aloha.pk.com komrade maps” on the server list (the site exists and is NSFW, just a warning) and is hosted in California, while aloha servers are hosted in Nevada.

I suggest:

  1. Playing on aloha servers

  2. Applying for trusted

That is all I remember about the server name okay
thanks for correcting me.

Thanks ;D
I will try to apply myself for trusted :slight_smile:

I frequently play on aloha.pk servers since your servers actually have the most players and less hackers compared with other servers out there :smiley:

Hey liljoe… Its me Vyper. I really did think you hacked. I’m really sorry. My ping was messed up and I was lagging a whole bunch, so it made you truly look like a hacker. I’m sorry that I did this. If you could forgive me and TheKillerBee, that would be great. :-[

Thanks :smiley:
its just really hard for others to determine if one another is hacking or not… which annoys me quite a bit.

You are both forgiven but my friend Specter Wolf knows TheKillerbee…
TheKillerBee actually votekicked a few of his friends.

You are forgiven bro 8) no hard feelings ;D

Well that last one was a votekick on the Komrade server by a few rather annoying players who have kicked me aswell.
If all of these have been votekicks then you should be fine, just apply for a trusted password or something so it doesn’t happen so often.
Oh and btw, tell Killerbee that is no ban hacks worked absolutely splendid :slight_smile:

holy crap someone actually joined it

What’s the mod you’re using to reduce fog?! I didn’t know they were allowed

They’re not allowed.

Is he using one? It seems like there is still fog there but it isn’t gradual like in vanilla and just starts at the boundaries.

I don’t know. It may just be the color of the sky.

muted the video to just see the gameplay because you kept replying you didnt hack… your good… want to learn this… :slight_smile:

Protip: think someone has an aimbot? Spectate them and look for any unprovoked 360 turns at the speed of a machine followed by a headshot. At that poin he/she’s “suspicious”. If it happens again 1 or 2 more times, start a votekick or ask for an admin on the IRC.

If you’re in arena, watch them, and see if they look throuhg walls at people. Then if they start following them, start a votekick and contact the IRC.

same thing with me today i was using a SMG mainly because it was a sorta mix of long and medium distance map plus the sight im using makes aiming easy ill link you guys to it its on B&S forums i got called for EMP and AZL tho i didn’t get kicked but its still annoying its like you develop a speed and pace plus a fast computer and just can own like crazy and its really easy in the open and you can expect things at times also when you play on the same map every once and awhile but in some ways im getting to a point where if you think i hack idc just kick me i have other servers or games to play as well

this is to the forum that the sight was made i made the weapon my friend made the iron sight thing that i used

Build n Shoot Mod Collab Page the ad fly supports modders like me and my friend TorchOF on B&S its the newest mod thats right there on load up