Ideas for a Nuketown Server

@Izzy i know you already own lots of servers but would it hurt if you can host a complete Nuketown 24/7 map. It would be much appreciated since i can barely get on Last Team Standing, if you need any help you can always ask me.

Well, no offense, as much fun as the map can be, its not really needed. Mojo is now hosting a server called “Arena Revenge” that hosts the map. Luckily the gameplay goes by fast, and there arent as many maps as aloha has.

Like I said, its not really needed. If it were a map everyone utterly adored it could be considered. Not to mention, it needs a bit of work. Until then…

Hmm true but maybe like CSS Aloha Server which host only CSS maps, maybe we can have a COD Maps?
Anyway the final decision is from Izzy.

I think CoD and CS maps should be together, I don’t know it just seems right for me.

Good idea, why not make the server “popular shooter maps”?


Good ideas guys