Idea: votemap

Hello everyone!
I would like to propose an idea for the aloha servers in buildandshoot, which consists of a new command which will allow players to change the map in case they do not like it or do not want it by means of a vote; I propose that this command could be used as follows: “/votemap (map name)”.
This command could be used more than everything in the servers with modality: babel, zombie survival and even in hallway

Thank you for attending to my idea.


Would be cool.

It would make certain maps that people enjoy overplayed, and less favored maps underplayed. Players would quickly become bored of the same maps, and then everyone will become sad and cry.

Several years ago people would play the same map(gh assault) for years straight without getting bored of it.In fact when the server hosting said map was taken down they would ask for another server that would host the same map.That being said i dont think repetitiveness of a map will be an issue.

i think the idea shouldn’t be in babel servers
but the idea would be good in all of the arena servers

There already is a votemap script available in the default pyspades script folder. Not sure how well it actually works but one thing I’ve noticed is that it allows you to spam that command as many times as you want. So first it would have to be fixed to only allow only one votemap per map or optionally the command could be restricted to trusted players and higher. Also the “extend map” option needs to be removed since that doesn’t really make much sense on babel :slight_smile:

Well let’s look at this the logical way. Somewhere in the votemap script, the python (I’m not too familiar with the AoS libraries, but I am with python) equivalent of this needs to be there in order to prevent spamming the votes. Not that I haven’t actually looked at the script…
define player(String name, String map, int votes)

Pretty easy. The vote function is already defined. So then we go to the next part.

player playername = new player(players name, 1, “”)
if a player votes
if the player has a vote (playername.votes = 1)
add a vote for the map they chose(second part of their input)
playername.votes = 0;
if the player does not have a vote (else)
return “Cannot Vote” statement to the player.

Now I’m not sure if there is a function that activates when someone leaves the game. However, it would be easy to detect.

onLeave player
detect what the vote was
votecounter -=
delete playername variable for the leaving player

A simpler way to do it would involve doing it by their player id. But you get the idea.

I got a half-baked idea to let the /votemap accessible to trusted user and above, but I still think that the normal players should have a right to use /votemap. The only advantage of this is that there’s less trolling with the /votemap. If theres any. but not everyone votes, sometimes you have to chat “/y for etc.” I still think this idea can work and has plenty of room to grow

wow i am late

That’s because gh_assault was flat and there was quite literally millions of different ways to build on that map. One match you could build a huge base, another you could just rush, another you could build defensively, another only offensively, etc.

Babel maps are already “pre-built”, as in, they already have places you can camp, dig through, hide, and build onto with little modification to the maps. Sure, there is certainly build potential, but matches don’t last nearly as long as gh_assault which discourages building structures other than the tower itself.

Take for example a map like towerdive – love it or hate it, what if it was played more than others? There is hardly any building potential on that map other than the spawn, and the map usually lasts around 30 minutes, which is quite short compared to “build” maps like gh_assault, assault, pinpoint and classicgen.

The big problem I have with babel is that it’s too fast-paced and I feel like building a structure for my team is most likely not going to be very useful. On gh_assault I could make a giant fort because I know that the round would last a very long time and my team could get much use out of it.

wow zim this is an excellent idea, i have never thought of this
hopefully admins realize this and maybe aloha will be a better place
thanks for sharing

I know a person who knows about scripting could modify the script so that there is no abuse, for example, I think you could use the commands / togglevotemap (player) or / togglevotekick (player) and also permanently, but I’m not sure if This can work …