Idea to reduce glitching on CS Arena

As many know, there is a persistent problem of glitching on the CS Arena maps. Some high ping players lag and cannot help this. However, the overwhelming majority of glitchers exploit this bug for an advantage, specifically on dust2arena.

My proposal is to have a warning message upon logging on to the effect of “Intentional glitching may result in bans”.

I believe a concrete warning may deter most glitchers.


I don’t think it would help much, not bashing your idea but look at zombie server for example.

It literally SPAMS your chat with the message saying you need to only use spade as a zombie, yet people still will complain why they can’t kill with their gun.

If a literal spam of messages doesn’t stop it, then one single one won’t either.

True, most people wouldn’t read them. My idea was more of “You were warned, now you’re banned for a day”. Seems a bit more fair that way.


It’s a five day man, not one.

Actually its up to the admin what the ban is gonna be. There’s not a set policy, it may be minutes, to hrs, to days, etc.

True, Hadn’t thought of that seeing that the majority glitching bans I have seen were five days

Well, the length of the ban can vary, I thought it would be nice just to warn people that glitching is a bannable offense. The only other way I can think of to reduce glitching is to have the outside of the maps be instant kill zone.

I imagine that requires some amount of work and it doesn’t always work (seen this happen on arena maps).


I think Danke is working on that on De Dust2,

yep he already did it and the servers are updated as of now, so anyone who glitches outside the outer walls on de_dust2 will die :smiley:

Nice! Any word for cs_italy?


cs_italy is a bit more complex but yes im working on it