Idea: freebuild 24/7

There needs to be a good freebuild server. I think aloha has great servers and this can be one of them. Also there sould be like squads but they cant grief their own work or other people is squad’s work.


Well think about it, Think about people who don’t have a good computer and can’t run Minecraft. Also Ace of Spades makes it interesting when it comes to building.

Pug, this is the case of “you need to check when the original thread was made”…

What is the point with a aloha freebuild server for aos ?
Cause a build server can be cool if someone have a project for make a map, or idk. And if it’s a freebuild, for all user, it will be a lot of grief.
A build server is not easy to manage ; And yes, minecraft is a game where you can build, but it’s not the same.
You can also enjoy to build on aos