I would like to apply to be an guard or admin :)

Hello, i am applying to be a guard or admin because i would want those who play Aloha servers to feel safe in the environment they are in, and also enjoy it. i would stop those who grief / hack & abuse. So please message me if you need any further answers / details Etc.

This is the most interesting article i ever read! Anus wanna be a admin? NO WAY!

fuck tha haters !

BTW u don’t post this topic here.

where do you post it ?

Well now. This could be interesting.

Guys how is this interesting? We all know he is not going to be an admin so what’s with the excitement.

seeing his apologies, it would be intresting :smiley:

Anybody can apologize by just typing it. Robots can do it. I don’t see Anus ever being sorry for the mess he has caused after arguing what he did was justified and legal.

that why it would be intresting

Not to be inflammatory but I’d hate to see Anus as an admin, I’n just waiting for the flat denial or the coming shitstorm.

We don’t roll that way, but when we do we talk bad about them behind their backs. 8)

No no no no no no no.

No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no.


Do you really think izzy will make him one. I still am not an admin after waiting for two months, and if Anus becomes one, I’ll throw my computer in the pool.

Lets start a new thread called “If Anus becomes admin”.

We say stuff we will do if anus becomes admin lol.

If anus becomes admin I will track Izzys IP and then brutally assault her (or are you a he izzy?)

Izzy is a male.

Stop being so hard on him

i would liek to apply for admin or guard because i want to help people who have been griefed and stop those people who hacks so players would feel safe from greifers and hackers