I would like an impersonator banned

A guy name [USAB]SeigHeil! was impersonating the USAB clan.

He claimed he was in a different that he created, so I told him to change his clan tag so that people wouldn’t get confused. He said he had a right to his name. And I said his clan would be mistaken for the real USAB and that he should change it so people don’t get confused. Honestly I think he was just using USAB so that people would think it was the real USAB so that they would join his clan.

Anyways I want him banned for clan impersonation.

Hobohob, As I told you in the arena, there is nothing I can do. I consulted with a few other admins and clan members about this and they all agreed that we (ALOHA) cannot interfere in clan matters and cannot make someone change their name. Hence, we wont be involved. Hopefully in the next addition/upgrade to AOS, a implemetation of screen names and email adresses will be created so this type of thing doesnt happen in the future. I suggest, after what I saw in the arena, You apply for USAB. I will vouch to all of them how you so bravely stood up for their clan against a poser/impersonator in the name of justice to do what you thought to be the right thing. If i was true English I would dub you SIR HOBOHOB! but since im just a peasant trying to keep peace you are stuck with plain ol Hobo.

Report it on the USAB page, Booyo will take care of it.


He’s already reported though.

Actually my USAB app got rejected lol.

But I do think server admins should do something about impersonators. Its their job to keep the servers clean. This is one way you can keep them clean.

He was reported and booyo knows about it.