i won't be available for some time

guyz, i won’t be available for sometime due to my HSC(high school certificate) the HSC starts at about November, so i gotta study for it. My trust able friend AntiVirus will be replacing my duty until my test ends. Hope ya don’t mind izzy, he is a nice guy, he is mature for a 12 yeard old boy.


Sorry to go off topic but Anus why were you swearing in the Aloha servers today?
I told you to stop and you wouldn’t. You also kept provoking people

Because Anus is a moron.

A virus I wouldn’t recommend it, though your word is valued and perhaps this young man can be trusted, I’m not sure izzy would approve of password sharing.

why would i stop doing something because a fag like you told me to ? lol

In what way am i a “Fag” also you are disrespectful to other players.
Why are you being mean to fellow Aloha members.

A virus I hope you get stripped of your Guard status and permabanned for that.

and ANUS, I Love You :-*

I don’t think you can give your guard status to someone else like that,

Uh bukkit? This is so out of character for you.

What part do you not understand about “DO NOT SHARE YOUR PASSWORD”? It’s a pretty simple rule for a guard! We’ve already seen you give your password to AntiVirus (If that isn’t you with a different name) and have them (or you) login as guard.

I wanted to refrain for saying that but that comment shocked me BucketHead.

He said such a silly thing.
This has probaly lost you getting Guard now.
Sorry man

Fine Fine Fine, change the password then

Bukethead mi boyfee.

guys, he doesn’t know the password yet, cause i logged in while he was doinng something else outside

i should have replied here sooner.

Virus, it’s not ok to give out your password. you were accepted as a guard after you and only you, not your friend, were taken into consideration and deemed beneficial for the servers. your friend must go through his own process just like you did.

does your password need to be changed? please be honest.

I understand, izzy… i will try to be on more, since my bro don’t play anymore…and i will study harder at school so i can help others in the Servers…Anyway, change the password just in-case

Woah wait a minute. Anus is on the servers??? I thought he was permabanned!!!

It says May 17th as the clocked time for that comment,it is currently June 9th,Anus has been banned for a while now.