I was votekicked from zombie server for hacking ._.

I was just votekicked from the zombie server for hacking. I played as a zombie, broke a block to super jump, and landed on a player named Cryogenic, while hitting with my spade. He died, called me a hacker, and then enough people were stupid enough to vote /y. He also tried to trick people into voting by saying “if you don’t say /y you die.” I find this idiotic >:(

How about, people are temporarily muted for saying “blah blah blah /y”? Or at least raise the votekick percentage.

I really hope that this doesn’t happen again >:(

Similar situation here - got votekicked (same server, same team) just because I capped intel and was using guns. Not just votekicked, but he was more than 30 minutes annoying me with messages like “OMG”, “Hacker”, “Noob”, etc. Votekicking system really should be improved for this server <_<

That’s all, have a good day :3

the votekick system is a standard feature of pyspades, this isn’t a problem specific to the zombies server. our requirement for a votekick to be successful is even higher than the default setting just to minimize this kind of abuse. but i know it still happens and i realize it’s a problem. more admins are constantly being added so this should be less of a problem in the future.

if it happens again please report the person who votekicked you here and try to find an admin so he can remove your temp ban sooner. some of us hang out at http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=%23aloha

I actually like that idea with people try to say “/y” constantly it cancels the vote. It would fit perfectly well with the idea using an AI /votekick