I need a help in openspades folder for modding skins

do anybody know how to mod/replace skin in openspades? the datas are really different they are using .rar i have no idea how to change any of it, can someone help me?

I think I can help you out a bit.
First of all, every model/skin is located in OpenSpades/Resources/pak010-BaseSkin.pak.
Open it using WinRar or any other archiver you have (like 7Z or something).
There will be three folders: Models (the skins and the well, models), Scripts (animations, as far as I know) and Sounds (self-explanatory).
Then open the Models folder and either the Player or the Weapons folder.
It will have all the “parts” of the model (like weapons or skins). Just replace them with the modded ones and you are ready to go!

Within your guns folder:
SMG contains the following > WeaponNoMagazine (This is the gun that you see you’re holding.) Weapon (This is the gun you see other people holding) Magazine (The mag. Pretty obvious :wink: ) Sights 1, 2, and 3. (The sights you see on your gun.) Tracer (The line you fire when shooting. It’s more obvious in aos than of openspades.) and casing. The casing is the bullet shells that fly out when you fire.
SEMI contains the following > The same as stated as above, but, the WeaponNoMagazine is doubled the dimensions. Also, the Semi only has two sights.
Shotgun contains the following > WeaponNoPump, Weapon, Pump (The shotgun ‘mag’.) and sights 1 and 2. Has the same tracer but no bullet shells.

yea ikr but the extracted folder keep going to the first rar (the one that have weapons folder) and cant move inside

Hello BlackCaliber.
First Of, QuickBrown Fox did a pretty good job at explaining you how to actualy Change a skin.

For this issue. Make sure to extract The files somewhere else. You should have to option for it as soon as you press extract.
Then you should be able to process like normal AkA Replacing the appropriated Folder/files with the appropriated one.

If you still can’t manage to move the extractions, Try maybe doing it with the zipped file.
By that i mean, Move the files in the .zip file Directly to the .Pak file. As simple as that and it’s usualy what i do.
You don’T need to extract it you can just simply move them. The folder will remain untouched and should successfully transfer to your Gun folders located in baseskin.pak → Models → Weapons.

and IF the issue STILL occur after these steps, PM me i’ll try to guide you through it. :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that if the Gun Skin you are trying to install has a GFX folder, the GFX folder will go in Base.pak which should be the first .pak folder in the list.


Amazing job explaining as well, mate.

Thanks Mate u helped me out, They are so simple to move if you know how to do it xD

Amazing job to you too, you helped me out how to change the datas, Thanks Mate :smiley: