I need a CLAN !!!

Im a good player , and i need a clan , so can someone give me a chace to get in his clan :smiley:
P.S. Only PRO clans :smiley:

Hi Elmir,
You might wanna go to Build&Shoot’s club section on their forums they have a variety of different clans to join.
Just pick one that sounds good to you and apply, if it works out then great, if not just try another clan until you find the right clan for you.

Happy Hunting.

Personally, I don’t think you NEED a clan to be good. It just shows that someone’s letting you put a few letters before your name to show that you’re a good player. Sometimes, it doesn’t even matter if you’re a hacker, a glitcher, a troll, or a noob. They don’t know unless they play with you.

A good number of good players, including our admins Color and Froelich, aren’t really in clans.

The only advice I can give is don’t just hunt around for a “pro clan”.
There have been many clans in AoS focused on playing skill; they’ll have their burst of glory.
The true clans that stay around the game for a long time are those which are more socially focused: a tight and strong community.

@Reki Color is in Komrades

Komrades is not a clan, it’s a way of life.

The 87th Airborne is a SOG battalion. We aren’t really a clan, but more like a bunch of operators.

Well if you want you can join [-DP-]
We are always open to anyone who wants to join no matter how good you are or how old you are and all it takes to join is add [-DP-] infront of your name and let me know what it is.