I just pre-purchased Rising Storm 2: Vietnam at 25% discount, release Q2 2017

super excited to play this!

in-game helicopter gameplay:

official trailer:

64 players online battles…

release Q2 2017 (possibly May 30, 2017)

official website: http://www.risingstorm2.com/

Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/418460/Rising_Storm_2_Vietnam/



go kill some rice fields lycras for the filth kekroach

It looks really good. I like that the foliage isn’t so dense you feel blind yet it’s thick enough that you could ambush from it and essentially be invisible. It looks like a less annoying realistic version of a Vietnam Project Reality. I’ll have to buy it when it comes out.

i played the beta for about an hour yesterday. it was fun enough that i’m excited to continue playing today!

if you’d rather try before you buy, GameSpot is giving away free beta keys: Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Closed Beta Code Giveaway (PC) - GameSpot


the keys got consumed very quickly :frowning:

if you like Battlefield-style games, i’m sure you’ll like this… for me it’s well worth the ~$22

Almost a Battlefield Vietnam reboot by the looks of it. I will be very sad if the game doesn’t have Cedar Falls, LZ Albany, Khe-Sahn, Op Game Warden, Op Flaming Dart II and Hue as maps.

release date: May 30, 2017

will be discounted 10% on that day, then full price starting the day after that.

but still 25% discount now until release day!

and open beta is live and FREE starting today, ending 4:00PM EDT on Monday, May 22nd: