I have found some hackers

I have found two hackers recently in the Aloha Servers.

I found one in Aloha Tower of Babel about a week ago, and I found another today in Aloha Zombies vs Humans.

The one I found on Tower of Babel is “h2ooh”, who I found last week.
I’m sure he had “Aimbotting” and an “Extra Damage” hack activated.

I think he had “Aimbotting” on because he killed people at the fastest speed a rifle can fire (at the speed when you hold the mouse when using a rifle).

But I’m definitely sure that he had an “Extra Damage” hack on too because he also killed people in one shot to the body. I know this because he killed me and others in one shot, BUT, in the kill sidebar on the top-left corner it said a “Rifle” kill, not a “Headshot” (e.g. Anonymous (Rifle)).

The one I found on Humans vs Zombies is “34RR1C4DE”, who I found today.
I’m sure he had an “Empty Clip” hack activated.

I know this because I was a Zombie, and I was walking around on about 60hp, when I suddenly died.
I don’t mean suddenly as in one second or two seconds. I mean I was instantly killed, like being “Headshoted” in a normal server (I then looked up at the kill sidebar and saw that I was killed by 34RR1C4DE")[He was using an SMG].

Then, I just respawned at the Zombie base, walked a bit towards the Human base, then I was shot by him again. In an instant, I went from 100hp, to 6hp.
But then I heard a reloading sound, one of an SMG, then about one second later, he killed me again.

I think that he had a hack that enabled him to shoot all the bullets in the clip in one go, rather than one that made the bullets take more hp, due to him reloading straight after shooting me.

I hope you can ban these people soon.

P.S. I really like your servers :slight_smile:

You should have put this in the hackers, griefers etc. section or on the IRC chat.

Sorry. I’ll change it soon.


I have moved this to the Hackers/Greifers Section.

Could someone delete this, I can’t for some reason.

I won’t delete it, but I’ll leave it as a standing monument to your help.