I have a suggestion to fix lag issues

I have a suggestion to make this lag issues gone,maybe you can move all the aloha servers into other location because when you moved it to Quadranet izzy said that most of the lag issues are gone but it is not yet.The other problem i have that i am kicked 2-4 minutes later after joining aloha servers.But it is ok to Goon or Wildwoods.Maybe the Quadranet’s data is too glitchy,when the aloha is not in the quadranet everything looks fine to me.I suggest that you move the aloha data into another data center where there are less glitch and lag.


Ok, first of all, stop using caps lock and telling people what to do, it’s rude and not gentlemen-like, according to you, take it to a “boxing ring.” Second of all, glitches have nothing to do with server location and currently a ddos occurred so lag is the least of our issues. I think izzy knows what he’s doing.

I believe the problem isn’t so much a lag problem, but a DDoS problem.
I don’tknow about you, but my ping went down when we moved to the new server.

The chronic kicking is a problem though, I agree.
If it’s tied with the DDoS, there’s nothing we can really do…but if’s a standalone problem, please get it fixed :open_mouth:

There’s one lag issue that’s always been present though: the position/image lag is especially terrible on arena.
I found that when you try to spring (Shift), you pretty much can’t get anywhere.
This lag issue isn’t present on Babel, hallway, pinpoint, and I’m assuming all other maps.

Agreed with Reki.