I have a fear..

As you all may know that aloha.pk servers are very successful . Whereas it attracted a lot of good players , It also let hackers hack and get banned . Anyone remembers about german party? If no , let me clear it . It used to be a community like aloha.pk , which was closed as it had many hackers.Now you may think why am I consulting this here . See , there would be many people , who after the second chance may had hacked or got hacked and didnt get unbanned. But they have became good . Now where will they play ? German spades , i.e German party . It is now back again , So It will attract its share of players again . Have a look at the serverlist , players going back to it .

Just wanted to inform :slight_smile:

Have a nice day ! and please dont take it too seriously ! I just wanted to share this with everyone :slight_smile: