I got banned. Here is my story.

Hey its Bobito here. I had initially made a lengthy ban appeal but only just noticed the post that bjam had made and felt like it was necessary to type out this convoluted and kind of pointless post. What we had done was not just votekick abuse…we had established a lasting peace period that had dire consequences for anyone who dared play the game properly (I sincerely apologise) So basically it was glorified votekick abuse

We built monuments dedicated to the unity of Blues and Reds. We even had an obstacle course. We had established a cult dedicated to uphold our values and beliefs and delivered ruthless retribution to anyone who dared to defy us.

In retrospect I genuinely feel bad for the people we had votekicked but we had felt it necessary to hold lasting control over the server (at least until more people joined) and from this night I feel like I have gained a lifelong bond with my fellow players who enforced peace.

I apologise again for our actions. I should not have encouraged or condoned this behaviour but I did have fun while it lasted.I accept my 3 day ban and when I come back I will try not to screw up again (I do enjoy aloha a fair bit) I now leave you with quality pictures of some of our monuments. I'm also sorry for the insane amount of chat spam that I do. I hope there is no bad blood.

Shout out to Net and Cnottl. Sorry for getting you guys temp banned as well. Let this be a lesson for all of us

Thanks for making this post. However, although you did this to uphold “peace” it could have also been bad. Although the server was “empty” the votekick abuse might have stopped people from joining the server imo (at least until all of you left). For instance, from my experience people who were joining to enjoy a game of babel were being votekicked and being unable to enjoy aloha servers for 30 minutes (iirc vk bans affect all aloha servers). Perhaps these people could have been new people who had just found aloha servers/aos and this constant series of votekicks turns them away from our servers. Rule of thumb: if its frown upon when the server is full of players its probably frown upon when the server is less populated as well.