i don't know

I’m not sure if i don’t know was hacking, but he seems to get headshots every second (figure of speech) and he gets kills very easily when not close to target and he’s out of the range to kill someone with rifle.
[16:54] <@[/size]Danke> #3 /[/size] PL [/size]/[/size] i don’t know /[/size] 220 /[/size] Red /[/size] Score: [/size]172 /[/size] K: [/size]172 /[/size] D: [/size]50 /[/size] R: [/size]3.44 /[/size] Str: [/size]1 /[/size] ★Str: [/size]14 /[/size] RIF.Acc: [/size]29% /[/size] SMG.Acc: [/size]None /[/size] SHT.Acc: [/size]None /[/size] Afk: [/size]less than a second /[/size] babel - http://west.aloha.pk:34886 /[/size] aos://1379434439:34887

Again I am not sure. Also, can someone send me a download link to Pubovl?

Ace da king, you have been in this community long enough to know that a video as evidence is needed when accusing someone of hacking, a player could have a ratio of 25 or more and still not be hacking, or 100% of accuracy and still not hacking.

“I don’t know” is really good, and as far as i know he is not a hacker, he doesn’t need to cheat. But if you see suspicious activity please report here with evidence.

Ok, I’ll do that next time…