I am so annoyed.

Griefers on pinpoint every where.

I would just not play on Pinpoint, but unfortunately the the map size and Skill level of half of the people make it the ideal place to try to get my 400 kills goal.

Anyways, the griefing has to stop somehow. It’s so freaking annoying.

I was on yesterday I think, and some dude kept covering me in blocks and getting me stuck.

And today some dude was building dicks.

I know you guys work hard to try and keep aloha clean, but it’s just not working.

LOL! Building dicks, man that cracks me up.
The griefing is pretty awful on pinpoint; but there’s not much that really CAN be done. You’re wanting an admin to basically spend all of his time on there and moderate it. Some admins are okay with that, but it’s not like they get paid to make sure your gameplay is perfect.

A lot of it you just have to deal with it.

As for getting covered in blocks, I also find that hilarious, but if that happens too much and it’s bothering you just go onto the IRC and give a name and explanation as to what is going on.
You can also do /admin

/admin help me please, there are a lot of griefers.
/admin Im a nub plx halp.
/admin hax.

Just be detailed and short, don’t abuse the function; outside of that, there’s not much that can really be done. The staff at aloha is trying their best to improve gameplay at pinpoint.

Oh wait, it seems like the strong blocks are now working to griefer’s advantage.

Anyone else see the griefer’s advantage coming a mile away. *raises hand
The idea itself was great, but when 75% of your clients are immature it’s hard to enjoy/use great ideas like strong blocks.
(ok 75% is a little off lol)

i feel that destruction grief is worse than construction grief; at least the latter can provide cover from enemies. without strong blocks destruction grief was pretty bad. is construction grief really worse than destruction grief?

what should we do? remove strong blocks? up the “attackable by friendlies for griefing” timer?

Destruction grief is much worse then construction grief and your strong blocks are great. It does help griefers with constructing useless and “in the way” structures and covering people in blocks but that is no comparison to the destruction grief. It was only inevitable that griefers would grief if anyway they can. Your strong blocks are a great idea, they should be kept , I meant no harm to them (in a emotional sense). Keep up the great ideas/work! :smiley:

I suggest we hire Anti-Griefer admins who have the power to kick or ban them.
I’m constantly on Pinpoint and i could help if needed?
Anyway maybe we can have friedly kill if they have destoryed a block within 5 secodns after removing the block.

I think the strong blocks are a big help, and destruction grief in general is much worse than construction grief.

But both are extremely annoying.

We need to find a guy with no life who can constantly ban people on pinpoint.

This is basically my role but I haven’t been doing it too well since I’m doing a summer program of sorts.

I’ve seen griefers do the following “constructive” griefing:

  1. Block all entrances/exits, and teamkill when teammates try to remove the blocks.
  2. Dicks everywhere, teamkill when teammates try to remove.
  3. Pillar other players up, teamkill when they try to remove.

They’re all based on the same theme: build blocks nobody wants, then teamkill when they’re removed.

start handing out 5 day bans thats 7200 min by the way. togglekilling and toggle building on pinpoint is almost useless at this point and to me it seems like its the same people so get rid of them for a few days and see if their demeanor changes.

Understood. No more Mr. Nice Guy eh.

5 seconds is what it’s set at right now

I am going to try something:
I am going to go on Pinpoint, and join the spectator team. Look specifically for griefers and then /admin them.

Team killing alone should be worthy of a ban. The construction griefing is annoying, but it doesn’t expose you to the enemy and that’s what counts the most. You might have one player running amok and killing friendlies, but it’s better than having a fortress/wall destroyed and being exposed to 8+ guys that want nothing better than to get a point for blowing your head off.

The way things are right now are fine. Can’t do much about the vulgar construction going on, but all you have to do is destroy the abomination; when it’s being re-built you get a name “/votekick Construction griefing (Building )” then “/admin is construction griefing (building genitalia) please help.”

And if they are team killing just include that in both commands, not much can really be done without an admin to keep an eye on things; however, removing players for 5 days as suggested by BucketheaD would be a great idea. If you aren’t doing anything wrong, then you don’t have to worry about being banned for this reason; therefore, you cannot go wrong with a 5 day ban.