It seems that Indian Cook is celebrating getting his voice back.

And yes, my name was Indian Cuckold, but I also used many odd nicknames like DAB MASTER, Chief Fag, FAG DESTROYER and more. I don’t see how simply pretending to be Indian is an insult to the country, and I also don’t see how it justifies the use of “polak” insult against me. (Although I have to give him credit for making the effort of checking my country on server status page for a more personal insult)

I noticed that bad language may be punishable on aloha (links below), so I’m posting this here as I’m sure we have not heard the last of this individual.

I tried to keep track of the conversation but bandishit failed to capture the screenshots, so you might want to take a look at the chatlog. It happened a few minutes ago on Babel.



yeah he keeps pretending as staff in game saying he will ban and mute people, protecting cheaters and sending threatening PMs

So this started all because of a player by a name Indian Cuckold. Pepe(fin) is a witness, He even told him to change his name. You really think by joining in that name is correct ? I don't think so. And no, im not getting my voice back again, its the first since i got unmuted. Pepe(fin) is proof as even he said after I did /admin command. Also, its good to show to full conversation Nutfuck instead of just pointing out one word I said.
ALso coreveth, wait see this.

after i joined server and saw u pretending as staff and telling me to cancel votekicks against cheaters
u were shit calling my country so i did the same thing
that’s just my eternal hatred towards you love :wink:
edit:\ i also told u to kill yourself and many other things if you forget to add that :slight_smile:

No I didn’t. You started off by calling my shit stain poor Indian.Thats when i figured out you must be core.

You all really think ? After being muted for such a long time, am I fool to rant words just to get muted again. I’ve played with many admins on the server like TITANIUM, PEPE FIN and MEGASTAR since i got unmuted. I think they can provide evidence if i was toxic at all. I don’t think so. Is it cool I keep the name’ Polak Cuckold’ fine ?
Nutfuck<triggers a player< expects him not to say something + Nutfuck got warned by PEPE TOO so he didnt change his name then also. It’s fair to say the complete story not just from your side. He always has a bad habit of interfering and joining as other names’ to trigger people and expects a player not to say something after he is the first wrong doer. Plus, he doesn’t change even when the admin told him to. PEPE FIN can verify this.

yeah you’re right but you’re the one who started doing stupid shit like pretending to be admin, that was my reason for shit calling you because you do this every time
then it went downhill just arguing about who’s smarter alpha male

Well I did that, which isn’t wrong I guess ? Imposting is fine, show me the rule-book. That votekick was unfair thats why I didnt want him to be kicked since he clearly wasnt cheating.

Pepe didn’t tell me to do anything, he politely asked me if I could change my name.

Here is why “Polak Cuckold” is not equal to “Indian Cuckold” and thus is not “fine”:

I’d appreciate it if an admin could post today’s logs regarding this incident, including PMs and votekicks.


Oh wow. I didn’t know that but what you did was intentional and pretty deliberate since you did that to trigger me. And id take it as an Insult. Every person is different. The way you feel about Polak i feel the same about my country too. This was started by you by changing your name to insult me so that you could get what you wanted isnt it? If you wouldn’t have joined as that name, we wouldn’t have been here in the first place. Also, please give me the liberty to check the chat logs, i remember your toxicity too which i will dig and find out.

Nut has this really cool approach.
He comes to trigger players, expects them to respond so that he can show as proof. Yes , why didnt you change your name then sir when pepe told you ? Tell them the full story Mister. You’re pretty smart in triggering intentionally isnt it? So you also realise the fact that Im not stupid to say anything after my 6 month long mute. Yes let admins check logs of nutfuck and AC15.
Thankyou. So many players have seen me playing now including admins after my unmute. Even, Yankarlos205. I hope they may vouch for me.
Nutfuck logic is simple; he hits a snake with a stone, then what will he expect in return, rose flowers?

No, we would not be here if you didn’t insult half the community.

I’m dying to see my toxic comments that triggered you today. Or maybe you’re referring to the past? Well, I don’t have the logs proving my toxicity, but I have this:

Click for details
18|00:32:48 < babel_aloha> <PAJEET> shush nigger
18|00:33:55 < babel_aloha> <PAJEET> r u autistic ?
18|00:34:51 < babel_aloha> <PAJEET> u r black, u cant be roasted :v
18|00:35:07 < babel_aloha> <PAJEET> i roasted u nigger
18|00:38:59 < babel_aloha> <PAJEET> nigger
Click for details
log.txt.2017_8_13:2017-08-13 09:09:47-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #4 cunt -> PM sent to _3lb01k
log.txt.2017_8_13:2017-08-13 09:10:26-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #4 hows bootlicking going? -> PM sent to _3lb01k
log.txt.2017_8_14:2017-08-14 22:34:03-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #30 FUCK OFF YOU DIRTY LATINO, YOULL BE BANNED SOON AND ILL MAKE SURE -> PM sent to Zim350
log.txt.2017_8_14:2017-08-14 22:34:24-0500 [-] <Zim350> Indian Cook sent me a pm insulting
log.txt.2017_8_14:2017-08-14 22:34:47-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #30 i am recording all your THREATS to me and when im unmute i show to topo -> PM sent to Zim350
log.txt.2017_8_14:2017-08-14 23:17:41-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #2 LATINOS SUCK -> PM sent to [Brocks] Malee
log.txt.2017_8_14:2017-08-14 23:18:11-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #27 KOREA IS SHIT -> PM sent to Rape YourParent
log.txt.2017_8_14:2017-08-14 23:26:33-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #2 PENDEJO -> PM sent to [Brocks] Malee
log.txt.2017_8_14:2017-08-14 23:27:15-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #19 KICKA MAGIN -> PM sent to Alekhines`s Gun
log.txt.2017_8_14:2017-08-14 23:28:55-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #0 faggot -> PM sent to H03VVH2-F
log.txt.2017_8_14:2017-08-14 23:29:20-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #0 camper noob, fuck off twat -> PM sent to H03VVH2-F
log.txt.2017_8_14:2017-08-14 23:30:19-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #0 colombian whore -> PM sent to H03VVH2-F
log.txt.2017_8_14:2017-08-14 23:32:07-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #0 ill be exposing ur hacks soon, done be happy :v -> PM sent to H03VVH2-F
log.txt.2017_8_14:2017-08-14 23:32:40-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #0 yes ik ur zim, ive seen ur appeals, i have proof on pubovl :v -> PM sent to H03VVH2-F
log.txt.2017_8_14:2017-08-14 23:33:00-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #30 kick magin, he hack -> PM sent to magin
log.txt.2017_8_14:2017-08-14 23:37:22-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #21 noob ragequit? -> PM sent to H03VVH2-F
log.txt.2017_8_14:2017-08-14 23:37:53-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #21 why did u lie about me then ? -> PM sent to H03VVH2-F
log.txt.2017_8_14:2017-08-14 23:38:37-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #4 cunt -> PM sent to Piece
log.txt.2017_8_15:2017-08-15 02:02:26-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #2 cunt -> PM sent to E$$A-----------
log.txt.2017_8_15:2017-08-15 02:05:18-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #25 bitch stop camping -> PM sent to _3lb01k
log.txt.2017_8_15:2017-08-15 02:08:22-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #25 aha, so you're the asslicker of admins -> PM sent to _3lb01k
log.txt.2017_8_15:2017-08-15 02:14:20-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #25 nice aim, all admins hack cos there no one to check on them -> PM sent to _3lb01k
log.txt.2017_8_16:2017-08-16 09:13:24-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #18 HI CUNT -> PM sent to MY MOM
log.txt.2017_8_16:2017-08-16 09:15:38-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #18 shut up kangaroo fucker -> PM sent to MY MOM
log.txt.2017_8_16:2017-08-16 09:16:36-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #18 australia sucks -> PM sent to MY MOM
log.txt.2017_8_16:2017-08-16 09:17:18-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #18 AUSRLIA IS GAY NIGGER -> PM sent to MY MOM
log.txt.2017_8_16:2017-08-16 09:19:03-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #18 hahaha noob got rekt -> PM sent to MY MOM
log.txt.2017_8_16:2017-08-16 09:20:30-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #18 fuck off australia -> PM sent to MY MOM
log.txt.2017_8_16:2017-08-16 10:04:30-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #6 nub cunt -> PM sent to IceOwna
log.txt.2017_8_16:2017-08-16 10:08:32-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #6 cunt faggot -> PM sent to Talha7680
log.txt.2017_8_16:2017-08-16 10:09:05-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #24 BITCH -> PM sent to Yankarlos205
log.txt.2017_8_16:2017-08-16 10:10:24-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #22 kick Yankarlos he is hacking, he was banned -> PM sent to Reptile
log.txt.2017_8_16:2017-08-16 10:10:56-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #22 kick yankarlos -> PM sent to Reptile
log.txt.2017_8_16:2017-08-16 10:11:12-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #22 HE WAS BANNED -> PM sent to Reptile
log.txt.2017_8_16:2017-08-16 10:12:03-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #24 colombia gay -> PM sent to Yankarlos205
log.txt.2017_8_16:2017-08-16 10:12:39-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #24 i am recording u, u will be banned soon -> PM sent to Yankarlos205
log.txt.2017_8_2:2017-08-02 06:35:09-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #10 FUCK OFF CUNT -> PM sent to Fynn
log.txt.2017_8_2:2017-08-02 06:43:19-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #10 You're just an insecure bitch. Hope your parents die. -> PM sent to Fynn
log.txt.2017_8_3:2017-08-03 07:05:34-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #13 they're all against me :(, pls support me -> PM sent to TxcGren
log.txt.2017_8_3:2017-08-03 07:06:24-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #6 they're all attacking me, and i mihgt get perm banned, -> PM sent to KreatonChris
log.txt.2017_8_3:2017-08-03 07:06:43-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #13 pls support me by wiriting something good -> PM sent to TxcGren
log.txt.2017_8_3:2017-08-03 07:07:19-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #13 so just support me. -> PM sent to TxcGren
log.txt.2017_8_3:2017-08-03 07:07:37-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #13 not here :p, on the forums -> PM sent to TxcGren
log.txt.2017_8_3:2017-08-03 07:07:55-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #13 ABUSE REPORTS, CLASSIC PEPE FIN -> PM sent to TxcGren
log.txt.2017_8_3:2017-08-03 07:08:45-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #6 on the forums, many players are against me -> PM sent to KreatonChris
log.txt.2017_8_3:2017-08-03 09:32:53-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #1 pls post dude, i need support from allies -> PM sent to TxcGren
log.txt.2017_8_9:2017-08-09 10:20:55-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #4 ask admin why am i muted ? -> PM sent to E$$A-----------
log.txt.2017_8_9:2017-08-09 10:21:07-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #6 ask admin why am i muted ? -> PM sent to Johnny Sins
log.txt.2017_8_9:2017-08-09 10:33:56-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #4 FUCK OFF U NIGGER, I WILL TERRORIZE IT NOW :) -> PM sent to E$$A-----------
log.txt.2017_8_9:2017-08-09 10:41:57-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #14 im permmuted:( -> PM sent to MR. (P)icklez
log.txt.2017_8_9:2017-08-09 10:43:33-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #4 why am i automuted? i dodnt even say anything -> PM sent to Goldorak
log.txt.2017_8_9:2017-08-09 10:44:56-0500 [-] <Indian Cook> /pm #14 PLS FIGHT FOR ME  -> PM sent to MR. (P)icklez

I will post a video of myself chopping my dick off with a bent spoon if you prove to me that I ever said such nasty shit to anybody besides you on aloha.
And I don’t mean getting back at people who insulted me first, because that happens too. But I never use such disguisting language and don’t insult them based on their nationality after checking it on the status page.

Your approach is way cooler - keep pissing the entire community off for months and whine about being hated, reported and eventually muted.
Yeah, I suspect Yankarlos will be very willing to support you especially after you called him a colombian whore :slight_smile:

Give me the authority to use chat logs, I will. So many players N word. Even Scipio said one day that they didn’t mute me for saying the N word they muted me for being insulting. Oh and that PM to 3lbk10 was last year. I was muted for that. Cool.

18th Jan to 23 rd Jan. Please show evidence which punishes me BY THE RULES. So admins punished me by muting me for 6 months. I deserved that. Why are you taking the law into your own hands and showing old evidence dated back to 13th August 2017? Show evidence from the dates I mentioned.

Aren’t those of last year? I was muted for that for a long time wasn’t I. By showing old evidence what are you trying to prove? I dont know why you’re so petty.

You just contradicted yourself didnt you?

  1. First you said I’m dying to see blah blah or i will chop my dick.
  2. Then you say show me proof of me being insulting to players besides you? Clearly means you insulted me

Why being the policeman of the other players and showing evidence old? I got my punishment for being rude to other players. A mute for 5 months. Whats your problem then?

Stop quad posting.

I insulted you before you got muted for months. Which means it has nothing to do with what happened today

Again, showing you love to take the law into your own hands. Who are you?
So show me evidence of what i said after i got unmuted? Even I’m dying to see what RULE i broke. Lmao you started it first by naming Indian Cuckold.
You’ve still not answered my questions? Why being the lawyer for other players? I got muted for being toxic to everyone , didn’t I. I’m playing peacefully now so why are you so butthurt?

Hello again friends, I’m sure you remember me, especially coreveth and ss13!

What we have here appears to be some players who, for whatever reason, seem to be unable to act civilized on our servers.

The logs will most certainly be investigated. While this is going on, both of these topics will be locked, so as to further prevent any of this current mudslinging and pot-stirring that we all have advised against in the past.

In the meantime, behave yourselves. No telling other users to commit suicide (it’s a shame this has to be said), no quadruple posting, no admin impersonation, no going out of your way to slander and bother other users.

This thread, along with the AC15 thread, will promptly be locked; I advise all of you keep quiet until we are finished investigating what ultimately feels like yet another problem caused for the sake of starting problems.

More to come.