I am Banned From BlockPower For No Reason

I dont know why some peoples or admin i dont know banned me for no reason and now i cant go to my favorite server
Please Unban Me My Ip:
If u pay attention to this please unban me!!! its about 2 years im banned
And No i did not want to do this post before because i dont know i forgot that there was the website
And Today i got kicked from a game and the reason was Ass it was the game Aloha.pk Arena All Maps just because they was talking dirty i did too then they kicked me

Please Unban Me! Ip:
Dark_King The New And Last Darkness Lord

if you are banned please post your ban appeal in this section: http://aloha.pk/index.php?board=23.0

and if you were votekicked they last 30 minutes.

Also i would advise not posting your ip address publicly

First off remove that ip please thanks

Removed the IPs