Huge Structures

So, as you all might know by now, there’s a Greatest Babel Towers thread, but it kinda neglects structures built in other servers.

I’d rather keep this thread babel-free, since the entire objective of babel is to make a big tower, while in other servers it’s purely for fun.

Hallway: Big box.. thing

made by me, ArtDuck (Not Art, different people (i think o.o)), and a helpless cow

Feel free to post your own if you’d like.

Holy crap

Oh my God.
That’s amazing.

that probably took a long time to build :smiley: ::slight_smile:

About three and a half hours between the three of us, I think? And it’s pictured at its peak; it’s the kind of thing that declines sharply with no one looking after it and toggle building griefers.

That structure is asking me climb on top of it and give your team hell.

Well built!

Great !
lol :smiley:

Built this under the mountain on the US Hallway server. Structure is x2 scale; each pixel on the body is represented by a 2x2 block.

Holy meatballs.

very cool

hoping to see more