How to scope on a Mac computer?

Help please c:

could you be more specific on what your problem is?

Sorry, one of the players on a server can’t figure out how to “zoom in” or scope on their mac computer, like on a PC you’d just right click, so what would someone do on a mac?
Does that make sense

I didn’t even know Ace of Spades worked on a mac.

Called Darwine my dear boy.

I would assume you just right click.

For anybody who uses a Mac, right click ceases to exist on the mouses. IIRC, to do a right click, you have to hold ctrl and click.

Or corner click. As in, the top right or left corner. Forgot which one it is. By the way, you can just get a PC mouse with both clicks and use it on a mac. That’s what my friend does.

thanks c: