How to play minecraft "free"

Ok guys, I’ve seen a few dudes that dont know how to install/play Minecraft (not premium), more particularly after the new 1.6 update, so i will start with this:
That’s the launcher “cracked” for the new versions, you have to use it if you want to play from 1.6+
The launcher allow you play any version and snapshots (right now from 1.5).
Put the .jar anywhere you want (i suggest the place where you can find it always), after that double click, you will see this window that ask where to install Minecraft:
Select Cancel or choose the default Minecraft path (C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming.minecraft)
After that wait to the launcher and select crate profile, which allow to select what version you want to play.
That part is the really easy to do, but make sure you create a new profile before play, and 1 per version is the best.

Pretty much easy to click to play. Have fun.
Questions, suggestions? Please leave your comment.

Just pirate dat shit mate!

I can’t seem to find the launcher to actually launch mc. Is that supposed to happen?

Just dole out 30 dollars instead of having the DMCA people find you :L

As an alternative, there is this link: (install utorrent first)

Your link is broken Altoids.but this one should take you to the same page:

Some useful info, use chrome to download or else it won’t work. Firefox makes the download into a zip file while chrome doesn’t. When you have downloaded it, right click and open with Java™ Platform SE Binary. You could alternatively change the properties and make the files to that type. Once you have done that, follow cap’s instructions and you will hopefully be able to play cracked minecraft :smiley:

Credits to Tafuru for helping me work this out.

eeem, or you just have Winrar? works fine for me… (you do have to download it)

Just a quick update: this is the 1.1.1 version of the launcher. I must say I haven’t tested it yet, but its mainly for those who can’t download the new 1.7.4 (because the last launcher wasn’t working with this version). I hope it works, any feedback about it is very appreciated.

MC launcher: MC_Open_Launcher_1.1.1

I can’t use the above launcher to play 1.7.4, but I was able to find another KeiNett Launcher
I would rather use the above one because it has no publicity bullshit, but I have no choice but to use the only launcher I know that works.

Note: I think I will only start playing once optifine comes out.

Forge already has a build out for 1.7.2. I think optifine had the hd version out for 1.7.2

Cracked Minecraft??? 0^0 it’s easy to get!