how to make spawns and gates for arena maps

so ive been making a new map for aloha.pklast man standing and ive been trying to set spawns and arena gates and all that but to me it super confusing is there anyone that can help?

the map’s .txt file needs spawn and gate coordinates, one for each team:

[code=thecliffymap.txt]name = ‘The Cliffy Map’
version = ‘1.0’
author = ‘Cliffy’
description = (“This map is for Arena mode. It was made by me, Cliffy!”)
extensions = {
‘arena’: True,
‘arena_blue_spawn’ : (155,223,36),
‘arena_green_spawn’ : (307,222,36),
‘arena_gates’: ((163,223,36),(298,222,36))

if your map is saved as thecliffymap.vxl then save the .txt file as thecliffymap.txt.

open voxed and point to the block you want the blue team to spawn on. make sure it's blinking. the coordinates are displayed in the top left. replace the numbers for arena_blue_spawn in the .txt file with the coordinates from voxed. repeat those steps for green spawn. make sure you subtract 2 from the last coordinate (z) or people might spawn inside blocks. going by the example above, for the blue spawn coordinate voxed would display 155,223,38.

build one gate (wall) of the same color (no different shading/hues!) around each team's spawn. make sure all the blocks in each gated are touching. now get one coordinate of any of the blocks in each gate and replace the numbers in arena_gates in the .txt file.

more info here:

thank you very much :smiley:

ok i think i have it jsut 1 more qustion . how might i test it ? as when i go to make a server it only lets me select tc or ctf