How to Make elevator is the serwer platform scripts commands. HELP ME

hello write me instruction on building elevator scripts platform.

Here’s my version:

/p new door , (place a block) , /p , /b new doorknob , /ac set height X (x - number on how height you want your elevator to go) , /ac add height X (x - number on how platform will be height when it will be at the bottom).

Pretty easy.

version 0,75 thanks

No problem. Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

so but I do not know how to do that elevator were traveling on down do not work

Oh. You make the second button at the first/second floor and do /ac add height X.

ok thanks :wink: is the elevator speed commands ?

Maybe this will help: SuperCool Blog: Platforms, Buttons and Triggers by hompy now available on SuperCool Build

Thanks, so but I do not understand anything of what to type and what you need to do write me everything how it works speed was [speed=2.0] terminal command to speed up and down and at height

help me

Step 1: make platform
type /p to make platform

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type /p after make platform

Step 2: make button
type /b to make button

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step 3: make button do elevator
type /ac set height 10 to make platform go to 10
or type /ac set raise 10 to make platform go up 10
or type /ac set elevator 10 0.25 3 to make platform wait 3 seconds before go to 10 and then go back in 0.25 seconds per block (less than a second (very fast))

after type (type = write) dig platform and dig button

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Step 4: button to go back (down) (skip this if you use /ac set elevator)
type /ac set height 1
0 is block on water, its bedrock
1 is block above bedrock, I can destroy block

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Step 5: make button to go down in up
dig green button to go up (stay in platform, or platform go up alone)

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make button (my button is yellow)
type /ac set height 1

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Step 6: use yellow button
dig button

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dig green button to go up

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dig red button to go down

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making /ac set elevator, in blue button

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10 = height
0.30 = speed (little bit of second) (very fast)
2 = platform wait 2 seconds before go up

kto polak??