How to make a server and become a admin and get godmode

Please answer me

step 1. don’t make a thread about it.

step 2. …

        sorry it seems you have failed step 1. please try again when you learn some stuff

^ or buildandshoot forums

Ace. Thufman and I pointed you in the right direction for this already… There was absolutely no need to make a thread for this.

There is a more information about this is bns server section

To make a server download PySnip: (0.75 or 0.76)
Then modify it to your wishes: (config.txt file)

{In a series ("Random", "Classicgen") there has to be a comma ("Random",) after each except for the end. ("Classicgen"[u] [/u])}

To host any server you must forward you port.
Most videos won’t mention that the password is actually on the modem.

ps: if you dont know how to port forward google “how to portforward to make a aos server” in youtube you will find. Alot of info there

I think this topic should be moved. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do I have to use hamacji

if you dont want to port forward yes you need to use hamachi

No you dont

Ok fine :frowning:
if i know correctly if u use hamachi you dont need to pay right crazymonky?

Ok but is their a application for admin?
??? ??? :slight_smile:

Uhh are u talking about how to become aloha admin or something ?
What are u talking about

This was answered on the irc.

This is easy,but without god :smiley: